All Saints Messenger - August 16, 2018

posted Oct 4, 2018, 11:33 AM by Church Secretary
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The Forward Day by Day Meditation for THURSDAY, August 16

Psalm 105:1  Give thanks to the Lord and call upon his Name; make known his deeds among the peoples.

Struggling to pray sometimes-or not knowing where to begin-is a familiar experience. I have found that thanksgiving is a great place to start when I struggle in my prayer life. Reflecting on the blessings that God has given me can be like following a bread-crumb trail back to the source of those blessings. In his book,  Letters to Malcolm, theologian C.S. Lewis suggests we see blessings as the easiest path to God. As Lewis says, "The warmth of a ray of sunlight can lead us back to the source of that warmth, the sun."
What blessings in your life have helped lead you back to God? Does your work help you understand the ways in which God is reaching out to you? Does forgiving someone who hurt you help you better understand how God forgives us when we fall short? Does the love of your family help you better understand the love of God? 

MOVING FORWARD: If your prayers are in a slump, try letting your blessings revive your quiet time.