All Saints Messenger - August 18, 2016

posted Aug 18, 2016, 7:04 AM by Church Secretary
From the last verse of folk/rock singer/songwriter Don Mclean, his 1971 song American Pie:

"And the three men I admire most, the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost, they took the last train to the coast..."

While I was trying to decide what to write about, thinking about a follow-up to Fr. Walter's observations on All Saints, or, some thoughts on the Holy Ghost, American Pie came on the radio - that decided it (or did the Holy Ghost decide for me?).

The song, American Pie, contains many symbolic words and expressions, and has been analyzed by others extensively.  The key interpretation concerns the death of musician Buddy Holly in a plane crash some 13 years before the song was written.  It also contains several other religious references including an acknowledgement of how powerful and strong Satan can be.

One interpretation of the above phrase was that God, in this case the Holy Trinity, observed how bad things were at the time, and though God waited a long time, God finally gave up and got out of there.

This is NOT my viewpoint of GOD and the Holy Ghost (or Holy Spirit).  Indeed, it's a very negative view.

Most of my thoughts on the Holy Spirit, if not all of them, are of a positive nature.

Some examples, from my personal experiences:

I have had a reasonably healthy and good life, someone must have been looking after me. Was it the Holy Spirit?  I think so.

Of the many Episcopalian churches I have attended while moving around the country, I was fortunate to have attended (or am attending) three significant churches.  First, the church I was baptized, confirmed, and grew up in.  Second, was a church in Bucks County in Pennsylvania.  The new talented rector had an avant-garde sometimes unorthodox way of doing things.  This made some parishioners less than enthusiastic, but also made many people including me, appreciate a somewhat different approach to the service.  Said minister, who had become a friend, became our presiding bishop several years ago. The third church of course, is All Saints.  As many of us know this is a different and special church.  I am still learning of the incredible activities that go on here.  As I think over these examples, I feel that I was led to these places.  By whom?  Surely, the Holy Spirit had something to do with it.

Not to mention the many times I have prayed for assistance, and the outcome was everything I had hoped for - certainly the Holy Spirit had helped.  Some of you will have different thoughts on this subject, the above are mine.

I worry that these views may vary from the traditional concept of God and the Trinity.  I hope not.

My next move:  think more about the Holy Spirit, and perhaps read more about the symbolism in American Pie.  Thanks Father Bryan for using a personal approach in your recent writings.  I have tried to follow that format.

George Saylor, Freshman Vestryman.