All Saints Messenger - August 23, 2018

posted Oct 4, 2018, 11:34 AM by Church Secretary
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Greetings in the name of Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

In our reading from Ephesians this week we are reminded that there is a lot to deal with in life. There is more than taxes and death, more than sickness or harassment at work, more than family struggles and having enough to eat. There are the "cosmic powers of this present darkness." There are the other gods that want to pull our faith away from Jesus, the other gods we choose to make our days feel good. Those other gods look so much better than someone crucified.

Yet only Jesus offers resurrection, mercy, forgiveness and peace with God. To deal with life, Jesus, through our Spirit-given faith in his promises, gives us his goodness to put on like our daily clothes or to take up like the tools we use at work. We wear his gifts to overcome judgment, hate, greed, jealousy and quarrelsomeness. We wear his gifts to give others hope as we tell them, "Jesus makes you good."

Loving Father, as we deal with life, give us the tools of Jesus' mercy and forgiveness, that we may use them to give peace and hope and comfort to others. Amen.

See ya Sunday!

Fr. Gary+