All Saints Messenger - August 25, 2016

posted Aug 25, 2016, 8:40 AM by Church Secretary
The day was  April 3, 1977 that I first walked through the the doors of All Saints Episcopal Church. None of you will be surprised that I stopped off at All Saints because I was going to be late to the Baptist Church which I had been visiting for the last two months. No one at this church yet knew my name, so- why bother? This would never happen at All Saints.

I walked through the doors of this place not knowing what to expect. Having had my first exposure to Christianity being that of my saintly grandmother which was  Pentecostal  Holiness and having been baptized into the Baptist Church at the age of twelve, this was quite a different experience for me. The day happened to be Palm Sunday. Having come from a non - liturgical background, I had never celebrated Palm Sunday in the way that we Episcopalians celebrate this special day.

I will agree with George Saylor, The Holy Spirit brought me here.

It should be evident that here we are thirty nine years later, and I still find this place as spirit filled as the first day I entered the sanctuary. Many changes have taken place, many people have come and gone and sadly, many of our Saints have moved on to their final resting place. There are too many to name in fear of leaving someone out. They were great leaders, mentors and advocates of Christ in the world.

As I reflect back over the years I realize that it is our relationship with Christ and one another that makes this place called All Saints so special. In Fr. Gary's blog he has talked many times about how meaningful the relationships that he has developed on the Camino have been. It is my opinion that relationships are the most important gifts in our lives.

We are extremely blessed in our All Saints Family to have many ways to build relationships. We have many ministries which you will find listed on the board in the family life center.  We have coffee hour every Sunday which is coordinated by Diane Camp which gives us an opportunity to have fellowship with one another. We also have Foyers Groups which meet approximately every month with no agenda except for the sole purpose of building relationships. Our most fun opportunity to meet new people and build new relationships will be on Saturday, September 10th. This is our only fundraiser of the year and is dedicated to our Outreach Programs. We will have a "Pig Pickin", music by Blue Train Band our very own Wayne Butler, a silent auction for a large flat screen TV and a fifty fifty raffle. Please join us for a great evening of fun and fellowship. I have tickets!

Our All Saints Vestry has adopted a new approach to ministry. Gather, Transform, Send is a new approach for equipping all of our "Saints" to go out and be the hands and feet of Christ in this little corner of His Kingdom. Having said that, we will do our best to incorporate our new members as well as our long standing members to be involved in our ministries. Again, I ask you to take a look at our ministry board  in The Family Life Center and ask God if He is calling you to a ministry.

In Matthew 9:37 Jesus said to  his disciples "The harvest is plentiful and the workers are few". Let us equip our "workers" for the harvest through our Gather, Transform,Send.

Blessings and love. 

Glenda Carpenter