All Saints Messenger - February 1, 2018

posted Feb 8, 2018, 12:30 PM by Church Secretary
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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Simon's mother-in-law was unable to meet the needs of her guests. She was unable to serve because something was holding her back. In her case, it was a physical sickness, one that left her incapacitated. But at the touch of Christ's hand, her fever left her and her ability to serve was restored to her. Her encounter with Christ enabled her to serve once again.

There are also parts of our lives that hold us back from our call and ability to serve the world. It may not be a physical illness, but it may be fear, previous obligations, excuses, bad attitudes or ignorance. Any of these can be just as debilitating when it comes to living out our call to serve. We must let ourselves be touched by Christ.  When we are, we too can be restored to our vocation of service to all.

So what is holding All Saints back from letting ourselves be touched by Christ? Our Stewardship Committee met just last night to go over your responses to the question I posed at our Annual Meeting, held on January 21st. That question:   How should the community of All Saints use the abundance we have been given to transform our community  and ourselves? Your answers brought us many insightful and passionate responses. We had almost 50 responses and in reviewing them at our meeting we believe we could identify five major areas: 1) Work on finding a solution to homelessness in Gastonia, 2) Helping those with addictions, 3) Support our Youth, 4) Do more fellowship and educational activities, and 5) Mission in the community and world.

The committee thanks everyone for their input and the Stewardship and Outreach committees look forward to discussing, investigating and developing further ministries that support All Saints desires.

Let us pray. Restoring God, enter our hearts and remove all that keeps us from our call to service in the world. Send us out to do your good work that all may know and experience your gospel of love. Amen.

See ya Sunday!