All Saints Messenger - January 11, 2018

posted Jan 30, 2018, 8:29 AM by Church Secretary
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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

It is intriguing to imagine this story in the Gospel of John as the first evidence of a kind of divine, "Hide and Seek," or maybe even, "You're it!" First Jesus FINDS Philip and extends an invitation to follow Jesus. Then Philip runs to FIND Nathanael and then declares, "We have FOUND Jesus!" But clearly, Nathanael is not sure he wants to play, disputing Philip's eyewitness account and questioning if anything good can come from Nazareth. But then Jesus shows up again and says to Nathanael, "I see you!" 

If it were only that simple--that believable. Sometimes, like Nathanael, as well as Eli and Samuel from our Old Testament lesson, it's hard for us to recognize the Invasion of Holiness. When we struggle in life and don't know which way to turn, we often find ourselves looking down, and wondering, "Where are you, Jesus?, Where are you God?" We cry out, "Please show up!" Then, when we least expect it, God comes to us, invades us, promises life and says, "I see you, beloved child of God; come and follow me."

Our prayer through the week continues... Help us to recognize you as you break through our broken lives and invade our very fragile and unsuspecting hearts,...

See ya Sunday!