All Saints Messenger - July 19, 2018

posted Oct 4, 2018, 11:25 AM by Church Secretary
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Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

I recently attended the 79th General Convention of The Episcopal Church in Austin, TX. It was filled with hard work and many, many legislative committees and discussions about important things to our Church: Prayer Book Revision, inclusive language, the environment, how we invest our financial resources, sexual harassment, readmitting the Diocese of Cuba back into The Episcopal Church and many other important things that reveal what we value, who we value and why we value them.

As the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement we also emphasized that we need to intentionally focus on "seeing" those around us: the marginalized, the poor, the immigrant and others. One way we did that was one thousand Episcopalians gathered outside the Hutto Immigration Detention Facility outside Austin and said prayers, worshiped and showed the people inside that they were seen and heard and that we cared for and loved them. When we departed thousands of hands holding white cards appeared outside their windows, continuing until the last bus departed. Upon return to the Convention Center we had received a message saying that tears of joy had been shed for they now knew they were not forgotten. Love: love of neighbor and the least of these are what we are called to do.

We also heard great preaching. We celebrated Eucharist everyday hearing from some of our church's best. The message was Love, Life giving, life affirming love. Bp Curry is focused on love for it can indeed change the world. I want to share the closing paragraph of the opening sermon and the closing sermon, both from African American Episcopalian Bishops: the first from our Presiding Bishop and the second from the new Bishop of Indianapolis. Read them and ponder, read them and reflect and then join together with the faithful and Do, Go and Move!

Opening Sermon by PB Curry (closing paragraph)

My brothers, my sisters, my siblings, we have work to do. To stand for Christianity, a way of being Christian that looks like Jesus of Nazareth.  A way of being Christian that is grounded and based on love. A way of being Christian that is not ashamed to be called people of love. So go from this place and be people of the way. Go from this place as people of Jesus. Go from this place as people of love! Go from this place and heal our lands! Go from this place and heal our world! Go from this place until justice rolls down! Go from this place until the nightmare is over! Go from this place until God's dream is realized! Go from this place and help us live!
God love ya! God bless ya! And GO!
Go! Go!

Closing Sermon by Bp Baskerville-Burrows (closing paragraph)

So, I'm going to ask you, Saints, are you ready? Are you ready?  Being the Episcopal Branch of the Jesus Movement, are you ready? Let me just tell you now, just to be sure, 'cause this means we cannot stay where we are. Movements move, right? Movements move. Movements move. These are decisions we make moment by moment to live a particular way and Saints - this is our moment.  This is our time. Meaning, if we were ever called to claim the counter cultural Christian mantle that is about turning the world upside down so that we can normalize love instead of hate - it is now. Right now.  And guess what? You know the way.  You know what to do. You have totally got this. Now go!

As Christian and Episcopalians in the Jesus Movement we are called to move Christ and the Church forward and so we must do, go and move!

See ya Sunday!

Blessings & Peace
Fr. Gary+