All Saints Messenger - June 23, 2016

posted Jun 23, 2016, 11:57 AM by Church Secretary
Greetings in the name of Our Lord & Savior Jesus Christ,
Wow, much is happening over the next few days. First, we will gather as a diocese on Saturday to elect the next bishop for The Diocese of Western North Carolina. We have four wonderful candidates, all fully qualified to be our next bishop.  The gifts that Hannah, Cyndi, Jose & Thomas offer the diocese are far reaching and exciting.  Whoever the Holy Spirit guides the delegates to elect will serve our diocese faithfully and with a spirit that will serve us well. Allison Wells, George Sowersby, Chris Butterworth and myself will be delegates and cast votes...we ask for your prayers. I also thank God and the parish of All Saints for your gracious support as I served our diocese as Chair of The Search Committee for the diocese. It was a wonderful, rewarding experience that will serve me well throughout the rest of my ministry.
On Sunday, we will have our second "Gather, Transform, Send" gathering of all committees, commissions and ministry team heads and participants.  As we have been discussing, the Vestry has agreed to institute a more robust and responsive structure that is more readily able to respond to the needs of the All Saints Community as well as our local community. We will gather this Sunday, after coffee hour, in two teams: Gather & Transform to further discuss and set procedures in place to be better able to respond to the needs of our communities.  I hope all those involved in ministries at All Saints will attend.
Lastly is my sabbatical.  I depart on Monday afternoon to begin my pilgrimage across Spain with my son, Justin.  We will walk for 37 days experiencing all that is the Camino de Santiago and ALL that it has to offer the peregrino or pilgrim. My plan is to start out every day in silence and prayer then to walk until noon with Justin. At noon I hope to attend The Mass in as many locations as possible as Justin probably proceeds on by himself or with new friends while I attend mass and then walk by myself or with new friends. Justin and I will meet up each evening for dinner and conversation. I will carry my prayer list with me and will be praying for each of you on my journey. I will be writing in my blog and posting pictures, maybe every day, maybe every other, maybe every week...the Spirit will guide me.  The address for my blog is: and is titled ό οδός in Greek (ho hodos) or "The Way."
My desire is to return to you refreshed, renewed and full of Christ's love.
May your days with Rev. Walter and one another be filled with joyful days, new experiences, and the presence of Christ in all that you do.
See ya Sunday!

Blessings & Peace,
Fr. Gary+