All Saints Messenger - March 20, 2014

posted Mar 24, 2014, 10:35 AM by Church Secretary

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,


Lent is a time where we reflect and meditate on our lives, our foibles, our weaknesses our failings and also hopefully think of starting newer, healthier patterns of living, not only in the physical realm but in the Spiritual realm as well.


I have been engrossed in Archbishop Desmond Tutu's latest book, The Book of Forgiving: The Fourfold Path for Healing Ourselves and Our World ever since it arrived in the mail.  He writes this book with his daughter Mpho, who is also an Anglican priest who trained at Virginia Theological Seminary.


They write, "Forgiveness is truly the grace by which we enable another person to get up, and get up with dignity to begin anew. To not forgive leads to bitterness and hatred.  Like self-hatred and self-contempt, hatred at others gnaws away at our vitals.  Whether hatred is projected out or stuffed in, it is always corrosive to the human spirit."


To forgive is not easy, it has to become a learned condition, a learned response and this book is doing much to help me and give me insight.  I would recommend it to all of you.  In the closing of each chapter they share a poem, a meditation, a journey and a practice.  At the end of the first chapter are the following words:


I will forgive you

The words are so small

But there is a universe hidden in them

When I forgive you

All those cords of resentment pain and sadness that had wrapped

themselves around my heart will be gone

When I forgive you

You will no longer define me

You measured me and assessed me

and decided that you could hurt me

I didn't count

But I will forgive you

Because I do count

I do matter

I am bigger than the image you have of me

I am stronger'I am more beautiful

And I am infinitely more precious than you thought me

I will forgive you

My forgiveness is not a gift that I am giving to you

When I forgive you

My forgiveness will be a gift that gives itself to me


Lent is a good time to work on forgiving: ourselves, others, institutions whoever has hurt you. May you be blessed during this journey.


See ya Sunday!


Blessings & Peace