All Saints Messenger - May 5, 2016

posted May 5, 2016, 12:30 PM by Church Secretary
My dear Sisters & Brothers in Christ,

All organizations have what might be called their "primary task," that is, their reason for being the focused activity that they uniquely exist to do. The primary task of a social service agency is different from an auto manufacturer is different from an educational institution is different from a Christian congregation. Being aware of and reminding ourselves about our organization's primary task helps us to focus our efforts and define what our organizational "faithfulness" looks like.
One way of describing the primary task, the unique purpose and work of a congregation isto gather those called by God into Christ's body, the Church, a community of transformation of mind, heart and action, and to send these same into the world to be and to act as God's loving and transforming presence there.
Recently, the All Saints Vestry agreed to a change in Vestry structure centered around a model of Congregational Vitality called "Gather, Transform, Send." This model encapsulates the our purpose and work as a Christian congregation.
Last week the Vestry and Committee and Ministry leaders gathered together to hear about this new organization and the "New" language and refined organization and the parishioners part in it. First and foremost we want to start adapting a new language that reflects what we, in this corner of God's Kingdom is called to do: We gather together in Christ's name to transform and be transformed by others so that we can be sent into the world to be Christ's body in our communities and the world.
As I prepare to go on sabbatical, this new structure will allow the Vestry and the parish to respond to the ongoing and developing needs that present themselves.  Initially this will include a bi-monthly gathering on a Sunday afternoon, immediately following coffee hour, to share ideas and adopt new ideas and teams to support these ministries. In the past, All Saints has always responded well, but usually with a small group of dedicated and faithful people to accomplish these things.  As we grow in members, this small group cannot keep up and so we see a constant up and down pattern to our growth cycles.  Our goal is to incorporate more people into active ministry at All Saints. As this process matures many of you will be encouraged to join us in certain ministry areas, I ask you to respond with a joyful YES!
The graphic below hopefully reveals a little bit more about the Gather, Transform, Send model that we are using for our new structure:

See ya Sunday!

Fr. Gary+