All Saints Messenger - May 7, 2015

posted May 7, 2015, 6:04 AM by Church Secretary

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

This Sunday is Mother's Day.  Now don't forget. 


Our Mother's are special to us in so many special ways.  They have cared for us and guided us and at times they have gotten angry and punished us but most always because they truly believed that they were doing what was best...what would benefit us as we grew up and matured.

Mother's Day can help us concentrate our thoughts on God as our Mother as well as our Father and teach us to speak of God in an all-inclusive way.  Lords knows, we need more harmony in this world and as the Church which proclaims God's peace, we ought to be expressing that peace ourselves. A true understanding of God reveals an image that transcends our world and contains both male and female, both feminine and masculine.


All of this means that our Mother's Day celebration can be a way of helping us understand that the caring and nurturing we associate with our mothers and with all women is an expression of the love of God.


May our Mother's Day prayer be the simple prayer of St. Julian of Norwich:


"O God, my kind mother,


               my gracious mother,


                           my beloved mother,           


                                    have mercy on us."    Amen.


Happy Mother's Day!

See ya Sunday!



Fr. Gary+