All Saints Messenger - November 6, 2014

posted Nov 6, 2014, 5:54 AM by Church Secretary

Greetings in the Name of our Lord Jesus Christ,


This past Sunday was a joyful day indeed as we celebrated All Saints Day at All Saints.  Besides celebrating all the Saints from the past, present, and future we also witnessed the adoption, through baptism, of two adults; Courtney Brunder and Krsitin Sharpling and three young ones; Aidan Klocker, Addison Propst and Theo Sloop.


Baptism begins our journey with God and Christ.  We are sealed by the Holy Spirit in Baptism and marked as Christ's forever.  We hear these words and I wonder if we ever really think about what they truly mean.  Marked as Christ's own we are called to embark on a journey to become Christ like.  Using Christ as our guide we begin to see the world and the people of the world through a different lens.  We realize that we are all special, that what makes us special is NOT how much money we have, the nice clothes we wear, the cars we drive, etc. BUT simply...that we are loved by God and God's Son Jesus Christ.


This is a strong calling and a hard thing to do, but through discipline, prayer, fellowship, study, and community we slowly, continually grow into the likeness of Christ.  The Church journeys this same path slowly, methodically, sometimes going forward and sometimes going back.  The journey is not easy, yes it is a challenge.  The difference now is that we have been adopted! God has taken us as God's own and we have promised to live a life different than how we lived before.  This is called transformation and it is an ongoing process that we are all in the middle of and we are marching "in the light of God."


This past week I ran across a sign from one of my facebook priest friends that describe the mission of the church well.  It is poignant and as All Saints grows it is important that we do not forget these powerful words:


The Mark of an effective church is

not how many people come,


how many people who live differently

as a result of having been there.


May we continue to be a place that transforms lives, both inside, and outside our building!


See ya Sunday!


Peace & Blessings,