All Saints Messenger - October 29, 2015

posted Nov 5, 2015, 10:11 AM by Church Secretary
Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

If you were in Church last Sunday you heard me speak about Stewardship as it relates to Pledging.  We have began our Pledge Campaign and it will culminate in our In-gathering of pledge cards on Sunday, November 8th at the 8 & 10:30 services.

I spoke Sunday about how all we have is from God so we should just give it all away back to God for we can't take it with us and all returns to God, even our very lives.  Sometimes discussions about money and giving to the Church is a difficult topic to broach with people. An amazing thing happened on the way to the (you name it) for me for on Sunday evening I received an e-mail from a parishioner about why they give and I'd like to share it with you.

Why I give - How can I not give?
My giving to the Church and the "wider church" is my response and thanksgiving for God's generosity in my life.  
Several years ago, I was talking to a friend about the Church's stewardship campaign and why we look at it as the "annual fundraiser".    We talked about where God had been generous in our lives - in times where we had very little and in times of abundance.  God is always faithful in his generosity and love.   It struck me that my giving needs to be more of a spiritual discipline than a response to a fund raiser. 
Twenty  years ago  I returned to the church.  As a single parent, money was always tight.   I struggled with what to give each payday.  I felt like I had to give something.   A friend suggested I pray about it and then add $5 more.   This is how I began giving back to God when I had very little.   It has taken a long time to get to the 10% giving (I give to the church and to the wider church).   
God is good all the time. If you take the view that God has given us all that we have - our skills, our lives - just the way we are, experiences and opportunities, and then adds love and grace, how can you not give?  These are his seeds to us.  Our job is to  and plant those seeds in the wider world.
Reflect on all that God has given you.   What will your response be to God for his generosity in your life?
You can never out give God!

To my parishioner who shared this story...your timing was amazing!

See ya Sunday!