All Saints Messenger - September 12, 2013

posted Sep 18, 2013, 9:35 AM by Church Secretary

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,


This week our Bishop wrote his weekly reflection on the events and remembrances we have on 9/11.  I wanted to share them with you and include them here.  Blessings this week and always.  Gary+



We see today's date and we stop and remember. Where were we when we heard the news? What stories did we hear or tell? What did we do on that day or the next or this one?

We come to 9/11 and stop and remember, but hopefully we also resolve in an intentional and incarnational way to be about God's transformation of this world into God's reign of peace, justice, and mercy. It's not enough to stop and remember, because we look around the world, we even look around our cities, and know that we are a long way from God's reign.

Our constant flow of information in this time can be paralyzing. We get this endless newsfeed of disasters and human cruelty, and one natural reaction is a bunker mentality. "The people in Syria may be suffering, but it's not coming to my neighborhood." 

Of course, we as Christians are called to go a different way -- the way of the Cross. We are called to embrace the passion of our Lord. Simone Weil said, "Pain and suffering are a kind of false currency passed from hand to hand until they reach someone who receives them but does not pass them on." Because Jesus has taken away our fear, he calls us not to walk around those suffering but to embrace them and to assure them that God has promised God's children can live in peace.

Despite the evidence, people want to believe that peace is possible. They need someone to give them hope and a living picture of the future. That's our calling as the Church. It's not enough to decry violence just as it's not faithful to deny it. We name it for what is; we point to God's reign; and we take one step towards that promised future in the place where we are.

If you want to do something about the violence in Syria, yes, write your Congressional Representative, but act where you are. What about the violence or division or hatred in your town or city? How can your parish hold up a picture of God's Beloved Community and invite people to move towards that with you? What's one act you can make today to widen the peace of the world?

I remember 9/11 and I think today what I thought then -- only God can save us now.

Come, Lord Jesus.