All Saints Messenger - September 25, 2014

posted Oct 14, 2014, 7:09 AM by Church Secretary

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Many have asked about the posters all around All Saints.  Here are some thoughts:





Stewardship is ... being GENEROUS with...

ALL that we do, with ALL that we have, ALL the time.


God calls us to share in God's mission of caring for the world, using all the gifts God has given us.  We are stewards, caretakers of God's gifts.  Everything we have was a gift from God, and God asks us to use it all for God's purposes.  Generosity flows naturally out of our gratitude for the gift of love, family, and life itself.

In the church, we are stewards of the good news of God's love for us in Jesus Christ. We are called to share that good news with new generations.  But we live in a world where sharing that news is becoming ever more challenging.  In order to share the good news, we need financial and other resources.

Our worries about stewardship tend to focus on money.  But stewardship is all about mission. Convince people that the church is doing God's mission and that it will truly transform our lives and our communities ... and each of us is an integral part of that mission ... heart, mind and body ... and the money will follow.


Stewardship isn't ...

+ Fundraising.

+ Paying the light bills or maintaining a building.

+ Paying a decent staff.

+ Meeting the budget.

+ Keeping the church alive.

+ Paying our fair share of the dues.

+ Passing on a legacy to our children.


Stewardship is ...

+ Sharing in God's mission with a glad, generous and grateful heart.

+ Transforming lives in our community.

+ Prayerfully responding to God's call.

+ A deeply spiritual matter.

+ Something that blesses the giver more than the receiver.

+ A call to be a new creation in Christ

+ A call to be transformed and discover the abundance of God's gifts

Stewardship is discipleship; it is a complete reorientation of our lives toward God, who calls us through Jesus Christ.


Stewardship, our Generosity is... Everything I do after I say, "I believe."

Join the Generosity Movement!

(more forthcoming)


See ya Sunday!


Blessings & Peace,