All Saints Messenger - September 4, 2014

posted Sep 11, 2014, 10:15 AM by Church Secretary

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,

Wonderful things are happening around All Saints:  Renewing wedding vows, blessing the backpacks of our children, and packing and distributing backpacks of food for our sisters and brothers at Forest Heights Elementary.  This week we will bless our Sunday school (Christian Formation) teachers and guides and then go outside and bless and dedicate our new playground.  This Sunday we will also begin an in-depth study of our wonderful Book of Common Prayer and at the end of the month we will have our Parade of Tables, one of many fundraisers for our Outreach Ministries here at All Saints.


As I said at the beginning, "Wonderful things are happening around All Saints."  All these wonderful things could not happen without YOU, the dedicated and Christ-Centered people here at All Saints.  We have involvement from ages 3-90 and isn't that exciting!  We need you and those outside our walls who might not know Christ need you as well.  If you feel a call to serve, All Saints is a place you can flourish.  We have many ministries you can participate in, many ways to show God's love to the world and to be transformed by that love.


We have all been blessed to be born and to be loved by a God who loves us unconditionally.  In fact, every morning God says I love you, look what I have given you. All God wants is our love in return and then to share that love even with those we don't like. Even if we are angry with someone or disagree with everything they do God loves them as much and as unconditionally as God loves you and me. Ask God to give you God's love for those people. There is nothing any of us can do to separate us from God's love; we are the ones that turn our backs on God. Try this day and each day to have a grateful, open, and loving heart.


See ya Sunday!


Blessings & Peace,