All Saints Messenger May 16, 2013

posted May 21, 2013, 5:14 PM by John Woodward

Greetings in the name of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ,


This Sunday we will celebrate the Feast of Pentecost which concludes The Great 50 Days of Easter.  After Sunday we will put away the Paschal Candle, start saying the Confession again, start kneeling, say Alleluia less, and many other things.


What have these 50 days meant to you?  What have you thought about?; what has transformed you?; what have you changed in your daily routine in response to Christ's Resurrection?  For many of us those changes may be hard to see.  Life is so full of schedules to keep, bills to pay, games to get the children to, etc., that simply keeping up with everything seems to be just about all we can do.


On Easter I used a phrase from Gerard Hopkins, "Let Him Easter in Us."  It is a wonderful phrase. It is a beautiful prayer, "Let him Easter in us." In fact, I think this is the great way to look at the real truth, the transforming reality of Easter. Let Easter get into us. Let Easter come and live where we live, right here, right now. Let Easter permeate our souls. Let him Easter in us! Isn't that really what we all long for? Not Easter as a noun, a long-ago event. But, rather, Easter as a verb, something that transforms our lives, something that gives us new life now, something that gives us hope and meaning and courage.


So the question for all of us is how we will continue to live with Easter as a verb, an active event in our lives.  This Sunday, Pentecost Sunday, we celebrate the arrival of the Holy Spirit and the beginning of the Church.  Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ sends to us an advocate, a presence in our lives continually pushing, prodding, loving, supporting, and calling us to do more for those around us. 


Here at All Saints we have many opportunities to engage the Holy Spirit and our community.  We have the Wednesday Healing Service, The Labyrinth, Cursillo, Order of St. Luke, Family Promise, Salvation Army feeding ministry, our Garden and others.  Let Him Easter in Us calls us to involve ourselves in the world that Christ came to reconcile.  We are all an integral part of this calling and with The Holy Spirit's help all is possible.


Alleluia, Christ is Risen!