Worship and Music

Altar Guild (also known as Sacristans):  Take care of linens, candles, and other 'behind the scenes' activites.

LEM (Lay Eucharistic Ministers):  Assist in distribution of communion.

Acolytes:  Adults & Youth - Assist priest during communion service.

Lectors:  Read the lectionary readings for the service.

Greeters:  Greets everyone as they arrive at All Saints and welcomes any newcomers, introducing them to other members.

Ushers:  Assist members as they arrive in the sanctuary.

Choir (Saintly Singers):  Our choir welcomes new members at any time (Practice on Wednesdays).  We do traditional Hymns, some Gospel music and a wide array of contemporary music.

Bell Choir (Saintly Ringers):  The Bell Choir plays throughout the year at various services, special days, and High Holy days.  Practices on Wednesday, little to no musical experience is needed.

Contemporary Music Band (Saintly Stringers):  We love guitars, bass, brass, percussion.  If you have a gift for playing music we invite you to join our Music Team.  

The Music Program is headed by our talented and enthusiastic director David Zoernig. A voice choir sings at the 10:30 service with a drop-in choir participating through the summer months for anyone who wants to sit in the choir and sing.  The Hymnal 1982 is used along with hymns from the “Family Songbook” (Contemporary praise music) every Sunday. Several talented musicians provide guitar accompaniment every Sunday, with flutes or other instruments included from time to time. The Children’s Christmas Program is a surprising and delightful event occurring on Christmas Eve in the context of a Family Eucharist.

Christian Education

Adult Bible Classes, Godly Play (children’s Sunday School), Youth Group programs, Vacation Bible School

Adult Bible Class, led by dedicated parishioners, meets every Sunday at 9:30 throughout the year discussing the Sunday Bible readings.

Vacation Bible School occurs each year.  A joint-venture with St. Mark’s Episcopal Church occurred this year for one week at All Saints with over 30 children in attendance. 

Renewal Programs


Cursillo is a strong and vital part of All Saints.  A large percentage of our members have attended Cursillo and are active in the program with a Lay Rector coming from All Saints this year. All Saints has had 14 previous Lay Rectors. 

Parish Inreach/Pastoral Care

Bereavement, Birthday Card, Lay Eucharist Visitors, Lay-Pastoral Care, Shepherd Groups, Newsletter, Prayer Chain, Communication (web site, I-news, Facebook), Daughters of the King, International Order of Saint Luke (ecumenical healing ministry), Intercessory Prayer

Bereavement Committee- Provides a “Celebration of Life” reception and/or meal following a funeral service.

Lay-Pastoral Care – Provides visits and other needs for those unable to attend church

Shepherd Groups – Divides the parish into groups led by a Shepherd/s who communicates when illness, absences or other needs occur.  This is an area we are working to expand.


Coffee Hour, Hospitality, Foyer Groups, Parade of Tables, Newcomers, Parish Cooks, Pacesetters (seniors group)

Parish cooks are an exceptional group that can provide gastronomical delights with the flair and organization of a 4-star restaurant.  Every Sunday that Vestry meets, a meal is provided for all parishioners with donations accepted, currently for the youth fund.

With the support of dishes provided by others in the church, no one has eaten a meal at All Saints and been disappointed.  Clean-up, though rarely organized, gets done in record time by many willing hands.

Parade of Tables started last year as a fundraiser and was an overwhelming success.  Based on months of the year, parishioners chose a month and sponsored the table providing the theme and decorations with the church providing the meal. Themes ranged from Alaska to Cinco de Mayo to June weddings to football in October.  The originality was incredible and participants dressed to suit the theme.

Foyers Groups are groups of 6-8 parishioners who meet regularly for purely social reasons, usually dinner. The groups change yearly, and are a way for us to get to know each other in a relaxed setting.

Pacesetters is a group, ages 55+, who meet once a month for fellowship and support for each other and they participate in outreach within the community.