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My All Saints Story - David McDowell

My All Saints story begins about a year ago when I first attended. I was so heartbroken and hurt from struggles in my marriage and with my sexuality. I sat near the back and cried for most of the service. There was something about the liturgy and the beauty of taking the Eucharist...

Growing up in a religious household, I was always aware of liturgy and the theology, but it wasn't until I experienced that beauty first-hand did I truly understand the power of coming to the table of the Lord every week as desperate for love and grace as ever before. As powerful as that was, what has drawn me to All Saints are the people. I've never seen a church so loving and outwardly focused. I never once felt out of place or weird because I was new. I was embraced on my spiritual journey exactly where I was and given the room to ask questions and seek clarity. I look forward each week to the hugs and embraces of my brothers and sisters.

The mystery of the grace and love of God has never been more real to me. And I didn't find that grace and love buried under dead and heavy legalism. I found it at the altar with my brothers and sisters as desperate for the love of grace of God as I am. All Saints is a special place to me and I thank God everyday that I found this group of kindred spirits.


David McDowell

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