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Columbarium & 

Memorial Garden

All Saints is unique in that we can provide our members with a final resting place for their ashes. The Columbarium and Memorial Garden were built in 2002 under the direction of Jack Iverson and are located on the left side of the church in a

garden-like setting. The Columbarium has 55 niches which can be purchased by members of the congregation and their immediate family (spouse, children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, stepchildren, parents and stepparents). The cost is $1000/niche and can only contain the remains of one individual. A plaque will be placed on the niche identifying the name, date of birth and date of death.

The Memorial Garden is free to all members of All Saints and others at the approval of the vestry. The ashes are interned into the ground within the confines of the wrought iron fenced memorial garden. Two large granite memorial stones contain the engraved names of all the individuals whose remains have been placed in the Memorial Garden with their date of birth and death.

In 2015, John Still and family dedicated landscaping for the area in memory of his wife Pat Still who created the church’s unique hangings and is interned in the Columbarium. Attached to the Columbarium on the New Hope Road side is a lighted cross which can be seen at night.

Benches are in place for visitors and All Saints invites anyone to visit at any time.

Columbarium Cross.jpg

The cross on the Columbarium.

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